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Stakes for Yard Signs

Stakes are made of lightweight, but strong, wired material. They are also named H-Stakes because they are configured in the shape of the letter H (but with two horizontal bars instead of one). The main function of stakes for yard signs is to ensure that the sign can hold itself up against the elements. The stakes are placed inside the vertical fluting of the signs and then attached to the grass. They are usually posted in busy highways, neighborhoods, and even on job sites to let other people know your company is working.


– Stability: Our stakes are built with high-quality material and are designed to provide extra stability to the signs. It firmly anchors the yard signs to the ground and prevents them from wobbling or tipping over. Additionally, our stakes offer hassle-free installation and easy penetration into every type of soil securely and quickly. So, if you’re searching for something this strong, choose our stakes for yard signs for perfect advertising.

– Compatibility: No matter what size your yard signs are, these stakes can handle everything. These customized stakes can accommodate a wider range of dimensions and therefore are a versatile choice.

– Sleek Design: Our stakes are designed to provide support without drawing attention away from the actual message. These yard sign stakes ensure that the focus remains on the message helping effectively convey the message.

– Weather Resistant: Our stakes for yard signs Baton Rouge are designed to withstand all the elements. Coated with a weather-resistant finish, they can endure rain, storm, and worse weather conditions.

– Durability: Whether you are advertising for your business, promoting an event, or supporting a cause, our stakes are versatile for all applications, ensuring long-lasting use. Also, it is reusable so you can use it for multiple purposes.

Stakes for Yard Signs


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10 x 30


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