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Promotional Decals

Promotional decals are a form of advertising when you drive around town. Add your logo, contact information, services, hours of operation and/or message to expand your customer reach. Car decals are put on the vehicle to either decorate it, express a catchy message, or advertise a business. Decals are resistant to environmental factors that may impact the appearance of labels, especially if they are used outdoors. However, there are instructions to maintain the longevity of promotional decals and to prevent any flaw from forming.


Promotional decals are for outdoor use and are designed to be displayed on the windows or body of your car, truck, van, and any other vehicle. They are water-resistant, heat-resistant, car wash proof, snow- resistant, and other environmental factors. Promotional decals can last up to three years or more when properly taken care of. There are three options of decals available: vehicle lettering, clear decals, or perforated decals.

Promotional decals are custom made to fit the size of your vehicle.

Promotional Decals


4 – 5 Business Days




Adhesive Vinyl Printed 1 Sided (4/0)


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