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3mm Aluminum Composite Signs

Make your message last with our aluminum composite signs. Extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather and UV rays, these custom metal signs are built to last with a solid plastic core and white-painted aluminum sheets. The leading substrate for parking and real estate signs, as well as business and corporate promotions, aluminum can be printed on both sides to advertise at every angle and can be installed indoors or out.


3mm Aluminum composite signs are a three-layer sandwich panel comprising two aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core for durability and good dimensional stability. Both sides and the ornamental surface of the product, are covered with lamination for durability and longevity. Lamination helps to increase the lifespan of aluminum composite signs by up to two times. These are the most durable and long-lasting signs for advertising.

– High-Quality: Our 3mm aluminum composite signs are exceptionally durable and coated with top-grade aluminum. They resist all weather conditions and remain vibrant and striking in any environment. They can be printed on both sides. Additionally, you can use these signs indoors and outdoors and they won’t fade.

– Elegance: The sleek design offers elegance which is perfect for a wide range – from retail stores to residential spaces.

– Vivid Printing: The advanced printing technology ensures stunning graphics and sharp text to convey your message effectively. Whether it’s a logo, essential information, or any other detail, the text will pop.

– Customization: The best feature is customization. You can tailor your aluminum sign according to your need. Our team will be ready to provide you with a high-quality aluminum sign that fits your vision. So, you can promote your message effectively.

-Long-lasting: Keep up your advertising game with our perfect aluminum signs. With UV-resisting printing and corrosion-resistant material, our Baton Rouge Aluminum signs will continue to impress your visitors without fading.

Choose our 3mm aluminum signs Baton Rouge and captivate people with premium yet affordable advertising.

3mm Aluminum Composite Signs


7 – 10 business days


1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10


3mm White Aluminum Printed 1 Sided (4/0)


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