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MAZINKJOYAS is a new program we have created to give back to the community for all the support they have given us during difficult times. We are very grateful to still be standing as a business, knowing that many of our local businesses have shut down. Running a business isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of effort to be successful. This program is also to help our customers and comeback the recent increase in material prices throughout the supply chains that have been affected by events (the pandemic, Ukraine-Russia war, etc.).

There are 2 tiers that our customers can reach for special discounts and will be available to them for the entire year of 2023 that will reduce extra costs in such a way that you can have considerable profits. Remember, all the products that we customize are an effective tool to grow your business—therefore, this shouldn’t be considered an expense, it should be considered an INVESTMENT!

The 2 Tiers In The MAZINKJOYAS Program:

SAPPHIRE: Purchases over $400usd will get a 10% discount (All our products).

RUBY: Purchases over $800usd will get a 15% discount (All our products).


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