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How To Care For Your Magnetic Signs

How To Care For Your Magnetic Signs

Your custom car magnet will take you on the road to excellent corporate branding. Car magnets are long-lasting marketing tools, and these steps keep your magnet in top shape*.

Prior to Application

Clean the car magnet and the metal surface with a paper towel and water only. Allow to dry before attaching the car magnetic stickers to your vehicle. Please note that smooth and flat metal surfaces maximize magnetic grip. Do not apply to car roofs or other surfaces subject to direct sunlight and high heat.This will prevent the magnetic signs from accidentally slipping off the car while traveling on highways at faster speeds. That’s how you can put magnetic signs for cars effectively.

Application Instructions

How to put a magnet on a car? Apply one edge of the magnet to the metal surface first, allowing for more control over positioning. Ensure the entire magnet is affixed to the metal surface without air pockets. To reposition the magnet, remove by peeling it from the sides. Then, reapply. Do not drag or slide the magnet, as it may stretch your vehicle.


Clean the magnet and the metal surface 2x weekly with a paper towel and water only! This will protect the paint and durability of your car magnets. Other types of liquids or harsh chemicals will damage the product.

Be sure to remove the magnet before a car wash because it will fall off or get damaged.


When the car magnet is not in use, store flat in a clean, dry place. Avoid creasing or bending. Do not stack magnets face-to-face or your product will get damaged.

Note: car magnets can only stick on metal; no other materials.

*While car magnets from Mazink LLC are durable, these steps maintain the condition of your product. Mazink LLC is not responsible for any losses or damages related to the car magnet product.

Risks Of Poor Car Magnet Maintenance

There are risks to poor car magnet maintenance such as residue left behind from the magnets. In severe cases, the magnet itself could get stuck in your vehicle making it hard to remove without the necessary removal equipment.

Below are some pictures of what could happen to your vehicle when you do not properly maintain your car magnets!

Scratches and dings are usually caused by dirt and debris stuck between the magnet and the vehicle.

Check your car magnet signs after heavy rain as well because there’s a chance that dirty water might have seeped in.

Car magnets will get stuck, and you’ll have difficulty peeling them off without damaging the car’s exterior if you don’t remove them regularly.

Especially during the summer when they are exposed to intense heat.

When you order custom car magnets, keep these maintenance tips in mind to make the most out of your marketing materials without compromising your vehicle’s overall look.

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